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Advanced configuration

Full documentation

On this page you can find the list of supported integration parameters.
For more details, please see our downloadable full pdf documentation

Javascript configuration

Directive Detail
container Element id where the product has to be
width Width of the product (max: 327, min: 228)
glassID Frame skunumber to try on at startup
localeChain The locale chain is in the form: country_region (en_US, nb_NO, etc...)
gender Default model gender to show to user (values: 'M'|'F')
onLoad Event called when the module is loaded and ready
onChangePicture Event called when user adds a new picture, or adjust his current picture
changePicture The module opens the change picture popup
getContext Returns user informations as a JSON object: pictureType(null, model, photo, webcam, or facebook)
remove Destroys FitPhoto instance and dom elements
onCallToActionClick Function called when callToAction element is clicked